Sundé – Ground Floor Lyric Video

By Steve Mainzer

Chicago emcee and Congo native, Sundé delivers lyric video for “Ground Floor,” a record off her newest much anticipated project, Brok{en} English released September 27th.

“Muscle up the courage baby” Sundé insists on the breakdown; you can hear the neo-funk mixed with the jazz through the synths and classic drum beat produced by Lower Lip Drip and Huey the Cosmonaut.

The sound comes back to life around the two minute mark when Sundésays, “I like the sound of it, taught me everything I know now, the only reason I was slowed down, cause my heart was on the floor of the ground.” The second line gets repeated throughout the song, “Tell me everything I know now” will get stuck in your head as you glide with her on the beat. Sundé shows well thought out musical awareness while she collects her thoughts in a hazy, well-guided tone, coinciding perfectly with the percussion and production underneath her.

In an email to NMV, she stated: “”Brok[en]glish is a compilation of songs where all the writing was inspired by different emotional moments in my life. Each song has its own story and way of musicality from “Ground Floor” — which was inspired mainly by alternative punk rock with whimsical relaxed lyrics to “Victory Lap,” a more soft but dramatic sound with heavy hearted lyrics. The array of sounds and lyrics continue to change and rearrange itself throughout the album which is why it is named broken English.”

Stay tuned for more content from Sundé.